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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Say NO to Stress: 8 Easy and Powerful Ways - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Less Stress - More Joy - Making Healthy Choices
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Stress is to your emotional health as junk food is to your physical health.

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Say NO to Stress: 8 Easy and Powerful Ways - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The "Law of Attraction" is a Dangerous Half-Truth - jlh

We attract abundance when we ask from a compassionate heart.
- jonathan lockwood huie
The "Law of Attraction" is a Dangerous Half-Truth

Everything regarding the so called "Law of Attraction" is an opinion. There is no scientific basis whatsoever for the "law," as there is no scientific basis for anything else in metaphysics or in religion. Does that mean all of metaphysics is wrong? No, just unprovable.

Is intent - or intention - real? While not scientifically provable, intent is certainly very real in my personal experience, and the experience of those of my community.

My Intent is my transmission to the entire Universe. It is the way I speak my vision for the future. While I can "speak" anything to the Universe, many transmissions are not received or are diverted.

My compassionate intents are generally received clearly and acted upon - perhaps not immediately, or in exactly the way I hope- but acted upon favorably, nonetheless.

However desires that are neutral - such as my desire to win the lottery - are just ignored. Further, my harmful or "evil" desires are not only rejected by the Universe, but are mirrored back to me as intense personal suffering - essentially Hell-on-earth.

The usual expression of the "Law of Attraction" states that the Universe will give you ANYTHING you want. That is half-true in that you can have anything that you request with compassion. The untruth is the expectation that the Universe will respond favorably when you ask for money or ask to harm others.

Consider the distinction between affluence and riches. Affluence is a state of mind. I can perceive affluence regardless of my external circumstances. The Universe responds favorably when I request affluence. I always receive the feeling of having everything I need. Sometimes I actually receive riches, and sometimes I receive that satisfied feeling with what the Universe deems is best for me. Either way, I truly receive affluence.

If you prefer to use the phrase "Law of Attraction," just remember that it will provide what you request with compassion, but not satisfy your hurtful or greedy requests.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Most of the Dating Advice You Have Read is Dead Wrong - jlh

Guys are supposed to act confident, buy flowers, tell jokes. Gals are told to hang on his every word, flirt, be coy. Baloney! Why be a pretend you - an imitation you - instead of a real you? As Judy Garland said, "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."

Why are you dating? If you are dating because you like to go on first dates, then fine - just play the actor or actress - and enjoy an evening of make believe. However, if you are dating because you want someone in your life longer term, stop the play-acting and be yourself.

The role-playing is completely counterproductive for two reasons. First, suppose that you are successful in impressing and attracting your date with your antics. What happens later when you let your guard down and revert to being yourself? You will be unmasked as not being the person your date was attracted to, and revealed as a phony beside.

The even more unfortunate situation occurs when your date is not attracted to your contrived persona, but would have loved the real you. What a huge loss to be on a date with the man or woman of your dreams and never even recognize them or have them recognize you because each of you were so busy play-acting.

What to do:

1. Clear the air. Before your first date, or on your first date at the latest, announce that you are going to relax and be yourself, and invite your date to be himself or herself as well. Some dates won't know what to make of that invitation, but the person you really want in your life will respond with gratitude, and will also relax.

If you are using an on-line dating service, be sure that your profile reflects the real you - without any puffery or distortion of your true qualities. Be proud of who you are, and share your true self. Have the "clear the air" conversation before you meet in person.

2. Choose relaxed places for your first few dates. There are environments that foster play-acting, and there are those that support each of you in being yourself. Choose the latter.

3. Ask for feedback. Dating is often a time for playing the guessing game as well as the play-acting game. Don't guess, ask how your date is feeling, what they want to do or not do. Give your date the same consideration as you would give a good friend.

4. Just remember to relax and be yourself. You will enjoy your date more - and you will create an opening for a wonderful long-term relationship with someone who likes the real you.

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